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01 Apr, 2024 Monday

Addressing stereotypes and fostering cultural understanding on campus

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Many people from different backgrounds, attitudes, beliefs, cultures, cultural values, and moral codes coexist on this planet. It requires work and time to adjust to new cultural standards. Comprehending that specific culture can be difficult…

18 May, 2023 Thursday

Managing Finances as an International Student: Practical Advice for a Successful Study Abroad Journey

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Managing Finances

Many Indian students presently intend to pursue their higher education at prominent international colleges, with the majority preferring to study in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Studying in these…

31 Jan, 2023 Tuesday

Top Five Common Prejudices About Post Arrival Assistance of International Students

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Post Arrival Assistance

Top Five Common Prejudices About Post Arrival Assistance of International Students: Colleges and universities are great places to pick up knowledge from others. While we can read about various civilizations, living and studying together is the…

13 Oct, 2022 Thursday

What is the Impact of Globalization in Education?

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globalization in education

Higher education is driven by globalization, and globalization is driven by higher education. Three different types of change—economic, cultural, and social changes—are combined into one phenomenon of growing global interconnection. Higher education enables people to…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Why do I Choose to Study Engineering in India?

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Best in Class Higher Education
 Study Engineering in India

Over the years, engineering has become one of the most widely pursued courses all around the world, especially in India. With a multitude of branches ranging from civil and mechanical engineering to information technology and…

10 May, 2021 Monday

Undergraduate Courses in India for Nigerian Students

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Best in Class Higher Education
Undergraduate Courses in India for Nigerian

Nigeria as a country is high on the economic development index of Africa and yet severely lacks in its higher educational infrastructure. Although penetration of school-level education into the more remote rural parts of the…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

What is The Career Opportunity After Completing B.Sc. in Computer Science/Information Technology?

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Career Opportunities in CS and Technology

The educational infrastructure of Nigeria has been developing in rapid strides since 1996. And today, a significant number of primary and secondary schools of the country has facilities for basic education in computer science (CS)…

23 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Major Difference Between B.Sc. and B. Tech Degree

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Best in Class Higher Education
 B.Sc and B.Tech

Students completing their 10+2 or any other equivalent level of higher secondary education in the specialty of the core science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology often do so as they want to opt…

09 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Identifying The Colleges That Recruit Low-Income Students

Colleges for low-Income Students

Governments all over the world and especially in developing third world countries are pushing educational institutions to extend their outreach. They have been focusing on supporting colleges for low-income students. As a result, many colleges and universities…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

The Right Way to Capture College Opportunity: The Detailed Exposure

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Best in Class Higher Education
Global Scholarship Programmes

To capture college opportunities for many refers to the induction of students from low-income groups into educational institutions that are generally populated with students who are not from low-income groups. The factors of quotas, scholarships,…

25 Feb, 2021 Thursday

5 Reasons India is the Best Country for Study Abroad?

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Study Abroad in India

Studying abroad is a dream come true for most students who aspire to be extremely successful professionals in their own right. However, some meritorious students lack the necessary financial support to enroll for expensive courses…

19 Feb, 2021 Friday

How is International Network Benefiting Higher Education in Africa?

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Best in Class Higher Education
Higher Education in Africa

Higher education in Africa has faced several challenges in the form of social, political, and economic obstacles throughout the years. Several of the developing countries of Africa have found that their governments alone are not able…

10 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

Improving Quality Education in Nigeria: Let’s Understand

Equality Education in Nigeria

The developing African country of Nigeria has seen significant development in its GDP in the past decade. But despite this, its educational infrastructure, as well as implementation, is fairly poor compared to other African countries.…

11 Jan, 2021 Monday

A Career in Pharmaceutical Science- Why This Course is Important for Nigerians?

 Career in Pharmaceutical Science

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and its economy has even surpassed that of South Africa, making it one of the largest economies in the continent. With such a vast amount of human resources…

06 Jan, 2021 Wednesday

Scope and Opportunities for Nigerian Students in Pharmacy

Opportunities in Pharmacy

Medicine, pharmacy, and health care have been the topics of critical debate in Nigeria in recent years. And, this is mostly due to the recognition and realization of the deeply embedded lack of proper human…

02 Jan, 2021 Saturday

What are the Career Opportunities after Engineering in Nigeria?

Career Opportunities in Engineering

A 2014 publication in the ‘European Journal of Contemporary Economics and Management’ has stated clearly that engineering as a profession is highly regarded in Nigeria and the increasing number of career opportunities in engineering within the country…

28 Dec, 2020 Monday

Is Management Program Helpful for a Good Entrepreneurship?

Management Program

Entrepreneurship is the ability, aim and ambition to build, manage, develop and grow a business from scratch. However, as straightforward as this may sound, it is intertwined with several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make…

21 Dec, 2020 Monday

Sharda University Scholarship for Nigerian Students

 Scholarship for Nigerian Students

Research has shown that the economic status of parents in Nigeria can pose significant barriers for Nigerian students pursuing their higher education. An article published in the renowned ‘International Journal of Academic Research in Business…

13 Nov, 2020 Friday

Let’s Take a Look at How Nigerian Education System Works

Education System of Nigeria

The education system of Nigeria has been reported to be in shambles as of 2019. The basis for the education model in the country is inspired by the Chinese and German systems that were earlier adopted by…

02 Nov, 2020 Monday

Which Indian University has The Best Study Abroad Programme?

Study in India Programme

For the past few years, India has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for international students to pursue higher education abroad. The government-led initiative “Study in India programme” is exponentially growing with an…

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