Nigeria as a country is high on the economic development index of Africa and yet severely lacks in its higher educational infrastructure. Although penetration of school-level education into the more remote rural parts of the country has been seemingly successful, little focus is placed on higher education in the country. It has been seen that most Nigerian students after completing their high school education look to foreign education to fulfil their career prospects. While several prominent western universities offer highly valuable courses to Nigerian students, the undergraduate courses in India for Nigerian students are most preferred by them. There are several reasons for this but first, let’s look at the most lucrative of such courses in India for Nigerian students.

  • Pharmacy – With the rapid development of the health and medical infrastructure in Nigeria, pharmaceutical courses have become highly sought-after. As a result, hundreds of Nigerian students enrol at prominent Indian universities for undergraduate courses in pharmacology or medical and allied health services.
  • Finance – Nigeria has been witnessing avid investments in the financial sectors. With the increasing penetration of MNCs into the country, the requirement of financial executives has increased. There are several undergraduate courses in India for Nigerian students that facilitate them to become competent financial analysts or even accountants to cash in on this opportunity in their home country.
  • Medicine – Since the medical professions have never experienced a downturn in the history of Nigeria’s development, this is one of the professions of the country that is always in high demand. Nigerian students often enrol in Indian universities to pursue their medical careers with the help of state-of-the-art medical infrastructure.
  • Engineering – With the development of public works and public infrastructure in Nigeria, the economy is in dire need of competent engineers. This has motivated several Nigerian youth to pursue undergraduate courses in engineering from renowned foreign universities in India at affordable rates.
  • Information Technology – Although there isn’t much scope of employment in the IT industry of Nigeria at present, there is a vast scope of it in the future. However, most Nigerian students who enrol in Indian universities for courses in IT and computer science easily gain employment in other parts of the world. Most of such Indian universities provide placement opportunities on campus and this enables ambitious Nigerian graduates to convert their student visas into work visas in India.

The Scope of Undergraduate Courses in India

A Nigerian Governor, Rabiu Kwankaso has recently stated that he endorses Nigerian students travelling to India for higher education because of the rich values and high quality of education imparted by Indian universities. He hopes that Nigerian students will repatriate home with advanced competencies and an overall better professional outlook and personality. With these preconceived notions about undergraduate courses in India for Nigerian students, it is clear that universities like Sharda University are a great option for such students.

Courses Offered at Sharda University

The Sharda University of Greater Noida in India provides several courses for Nigerian students in varying disciplines like core engineering, IT, dental, medical and allied health services, agricultural sciences, pure sciences, management, pharmacy, education and even architectural design. These undergraduate courses in India for Nigerian students enable them to truly live up to their potential and achieve greater heights in their respective career fields.

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