Research has shown that the economic status of parents in Nigeria can pose significant barriers for Nigerian students pursuing their higher education. An article published in the renowned ‘International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences’ states that it is due to this reason that universities abroad offer scholarship for Nigerian students. This study focuses on the state of Kwara in Nigeria and the results of it are comparable to another similar study that connected the economic status of parents in Nigeria to the academic performance of Nigerian students. Hence, the scholarship for Nigerian students offered by Sharda University not only priorities academic merit but also excellence in extra-curricular activities.

Nigerian Students’ Need for Economic Assistance

Although Nigeria has been touted to be the strongest economy amongst the other African countries, its students are still in a lot of peril considering the lack of adequate infrastructure for higher studies. Moreover, the value of Nigerian Naria is significantly lower than the value of most western currencies and even some developing Asian economies. Due to such an economic disparity, scholarship for Nigerian students has become apparently necessary to avail the supreme quality of higher education in foreign countries.

Scholarship for Nigerian students is offered by several universities of Western and Asian countries considering the higher cost of living and tuition fees. Notably, scholarship for Nigerian students lets them not only pursue their education but also realize their dreams and ambitions without the burden of paying off debts.

Scholarships for Nigerian Students at Sharda University

The Global Scholarship offered by Sharda University is of great importance as it provides the much-needed economic assistance to those who are seeking to enrol in courses of their choice and complete their higher education abroad. Also, the scholarship programme promises students with a bright future and smooth academic road to success. Besides, Sharda University prides itself with quality and dedication towards providing education and generating job creators rather than job seekers who can contribute to the international as well as Indian job market. Such roles are fulfilled by meritorious, brilliant, and innovative students with entrepreneurial mindsets. Not just this, the university encourages its students, including the ones who have migrated from African countries, to do bigger and better.

But, why study at Sharda University?

Scholarships help economically weak and backward students study aboard and enjoy a rich and diverse academic life filled with a multicultural exposure that enhances their transferable skills as well as increases their professional competencies. Therefore, academic stalwarts from Nigeria are encouraged to seek the benefits of such lucrative scholarship for Nigerian students at Sharda University. They can gain access to the modern educational infrastructure at Sharda University easily. And, after completing their studies, they can either go back to their home country or stay back to become an employer or an employee in the Indian job market.

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