The employment market of India has been growing positively over the last few years and this has opened up several opportunities in diversified sectors for many fresh graduating students. With technological advancements taking place in almost all industries, digitization has promoted a hybrid working model that involves on-site as well as remote work in several employment sectors. Jobs for international students in India have since become widely available based on pure merit and skill. International students coming to India to pursue their higher education in fields like medicine, IT, pure sciences, engineering, and even hospitality, have had a huge success in securing a job right after their graduation. Let us now take a closer look at how such international students can secure a job in India after their education.

Stay on Top of the Class

Since most jobs for international students in India are focused on fleshing out the topmost crème of students from renowned colleges and universities, it is recommended that you stay on top of your class in any given course. Attending regular classes, participating in all group and individual projects, engaging effectively with industry professionals in interactive sessions, and passing the exams with flying colours are just some of the ways to do this in India.

Indulge in Professional Networking

The importance of increasing your circle of professional industry connections cannot be stressed more when looking to secure a lucrative job after higher education in India. Some of the most prized jobs for international students in India depend upon strong professional connections that can be developed at corporate events, on-campus seminars and interactive sessions as well as through industrial training. Maintaining regular connection with such industry professionals can often facilitate international students in getting job recommendations to help them begin their career in India.

Know the Requirements for Employment Visa

Student Visas in India are rarely ever converted into employment visas for international students in India. Moreover, since the competition in the Indian job market is quite stiff, Indian students are obviously given more preference according to government regulations. To secure jobs for international students in India, you must fulfil the requirements of the Indian Immigration Office by providing the original copy of the offer letter issued to you by your prospective employer as well as provide a copy of the employment contract.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development

Although currently, the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development does not facilitate any form of paid internships or industrial training for international students, the regulations are soon to change. The Ministry has stated that jobs for international students in India will be abundant once the new regulations come into effect. Henceforth, sectors, where there is a significant shortage of skilled workers in the country, will be allowed to directly recruit international students studying in Indian colleges and universities. As a result, a limited work permit will soon be granted to most international students who are keen to pursue paid internships or training programs along with their regular courses in India.

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