Situated in the West Africa region squarely on the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria has the largest economy of all the nations in the African continent and is the location of Lagos, the most populous city in Africa. With a steadily growing and developing economy, many high paying jobs are growing popular throughout the country. Let’s look at some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria:

1. Pharmacists

As with any developing nation, with time, healthcare infrastructure improves progressively. For this reason, pharmacy is one of the highest paying industries in Nigeria. With a great demand for pharmacists across the country, the salaries range from NGN 120,000 to NGN 180,000.

2. Attorney/ Lawyer

While it takes at least 6 years to complete your studies for this job, becoming a lawyer enables you with one of the highest incomes, with earnings beginning around NGN 150,000 and going as high as NGN 1,00,000.

3. Accounting

After completing a 4-year degree in accounting, you should get certified by a recognised body with the country (example: ANAN, ACCS). With certification, you could be earning between NGN 150,000 and NGN 1,500,000 a month, which makes this one of the most lucrative career options.

4. Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

One of the highest salaries is received by professionals in the field of aeronautics and aerospace, with only a few institutions having programs for these fields. If you’re able to tackle the highly technical education part, you could earn between NGN 350,000 and NGN 700,000 as an engineer in this field.

5. Engineer in Telecommunications

The telecommunications market is growing exponentially around the world and Nigeria is no different in this regard, with one of the most well-paying jobs going to engineers in this fast developing market. The telecommunications market is equipped with different skill sets; hence salaries can be from NGN 200,000 to NGN 1,000,000.

6. Investment Banking

While you don’t need to pursue any particular degree to become an investment banker and find employment at hedge funds or investment banks, it could be worth your while entering this field as the salaries often reach NGN 500,000 a month!

7. Software Developer

With a salary between NGN  134,00 and NGN 400,000, becoming a software developer grants you one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, entry into this market will require that you know at least one programming language.

8. Airline Pilot

While the cost to get licensed by the Aviation Authority is quite high and takes 4 years, aeroplane captains pull in salaries between NGN 500,000 to NGN 3,00,000!

9. Petro-Engineer

Nigeria is an exporter of oil, hence this high demand job offers one of the highest paying jobs in the country. After 5 years of study, and subsequent certification in this highly competitive field, you could take home between NGN 200,000 to NGN 1,000,000.

10. Medical Surgeon

With efforts being made constantly to improve the healthcare infrastructure, most medical positions are in high demand across the country. One of the most lucrative jobs medical field are surgeons, which is highly competitive to get into. After 6 years of study at medical university and other requisites, salaries for surgeons range between NGN 400,000 to NGN 2,500,00.

Alternative Study Options

For those Nigerian students seeking to attain the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, there is always the option of international study. Sharda University is open to international students, with students also having the option of scholarships based on their academic merits. With a vast campus and robust variety of programs to choose from, Sharda University is one of the prime choices when it comes to international study in India.

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