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01 Apr, 2024 Monday

Addressing stereotypes and fostering cultural understanding on campus

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Many people from different backgrounds, attitudes, beliefs, cultures, cultural values, and moral codes coexist on this planet. It requires work and time to adjust to new cultural standards. Comprehending that specific culture can be difficult…

26 Dec, 2023 Tuesday

Journey Beyond: The Transformative Study Abroad Experience for International Students

Campus Life
Best in Class Higher Education

An unforgettable chance to immerse oneself in a different culture, language, and academic setting is studying abroad. It entails stepping away from the security of your native land and starting a journey of self-discovery and…

09 Aug, 2023 Wednesday

How Sharda University is Helping International Students Advance their Careers?

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Sharda University

A prominent university in India, Sharda University, has continually worked to create a setting that helps overseas students progress in their careers. Sharda University has become a popular choice for students from all over the…

09 May, 2023 Tuesday

From Classroom to Community: How International Students Can Make the Most of Their Study Abroad Experience

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Study Abroad Experience

Your experience will be different from what you anticipated before leaving home. It won't necessarily be horrible, but it will be unique. Even when you study abroad, there are certain mundane ordinary days, and at…

31 Jan, 2023 Tuesday

Top Five Common Prejudices About Post Arrival Assistance of International Students

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Post Arrival Assistance

Top Five Common Prejudices About Post Arrival Assistance of International Students: Colleges and universities are great places to pick up knowledge from others. While we can read about various civilizations, living and studying together is the…

13 Oct, 2022 Thursday

What is the Impact of Globalization in Education?

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globalization in education

Higher education is driven by globalization, and globalization is driven by higher education. Three different types of change—economic, cultural, and social changes—are combined into one phenomenon of growing global interconnection. Higher education enables people to…

17 Feb, 2022 Thursday

How to Maintain Good Mental Health while Studying Abroad

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Mental Health while Studying Abroad

One of the most important aspects that every student must consider is maintaining mental health while studying abroad. A lot of factors like change in the culture, surroundings, food, schedule, unfavourable weather, and new traditions can…

29 Sep, 2021 Wednesday

Is Studying Abroad in India better than Studying in Nigeria

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Studying Abroad Better than Studying in Nigeria

More and more students in Nigeria are choosing to study in India, the USA, Canada, and other countries. Many of them consider studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria because of the quality of education…

06 Sep, 2021 Monday

Top 10 Places in India that Every Student must explore

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The top 10 destinations in India.

While it is true that attending lectures and reading books is vital for students during their college life, the significance of exploring new places can’t be denied either. It is so because while books and…

14 Jun, 2021 Monday

5 Tips to Get a Part-time Job While Studying Abroad

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Part-Time Job while Studying Abroad

Whether you are looking for some help in paying your bills or just want to fund your travel or other leisure activities, getting a part-time job while studying abroad can prove to be an excellent…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

The Right Way to Capture College Opportunity: The Detailed Exposure

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Best in Class Higher Education
Global Scholarship Programmes

To capture college opportunities for many refers to the induction of students from low-income groups into educational institutions that are generally populated with students who are not from low-income groups. The factors of quotas, scholarships,…

28 Dec, 2020 Monday

7 A Side Football Tournament for International Students – Sharda University

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International Students

Sharda University is a global university that educates and inspires not just Indian students but also foreign students from various ethnocultural backgrounds. Sharda University believes in all-round growth of students and prepares students for the…

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