A prominent university in India, Sharda University, has continually worked to create a setting that helps overseas students progress in their careers. Sharda University has become a popular choice for students from all over the world thanks to its varied and welcoming campus, cutting-edge facilities, and comprehensive approach to education. This blog will examine the different programs and tools Sharda University provides to help overseas students achieve their career goals.

Comprehensive Academic Programs: Sharda University provides a wide range of academic programs that are comprehensive in several fields, ensuring that international students have many options to match their educational pursuits with their professional aspirations. These courses are created to meet the needs of businesses, giving students a leg up in the labour market. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of an industry-focused curriculum at Sharda University. International students are certain that the courses are adequately equipped for them to enter the job market after graduation by continuously updating them to reflect industry trends and expectations. Additionally, the university brings in industry experts as guest professors to give students real-world knowledge and experiences.

Career Counseling and Guidance: Sharda University offers career counselling services to overseas students in recognition of the value of individualized guidance. Students can explore several career alternatives, determine their talents, and develop a plan for their professional future with the help of trained specialists. Individual needs are taken into account while designing the counselling sessions, which aids students in selecting their academic and professional trajectories.

Opportunities for Internships: Sharda University works closely with reputable local, national, and worldwide businesses to provide its students with internship opportunities. These internships offer international students a special opportunity to get work experience in a foreign country, promoting cross-cultural understanding and career development. Strong industry ties at the institution create access to fantastic internship opportunities, many of which result in full-time job offers.

Academic-industrial cooperation: Through its programs for collaborating between business and academia, Sharda University develops close ties with companies and industries. Through this partnership, the university's curriculum is kept current with market trends and requirements, allowing students to gain useful skills and knowledge. Additionally, businesses frequently come to campus for guest lectures, workshops, and recruitment events, giving international students a chance to network and engage with professionals in the field.

Mentoring and Alumni Network: Sharda University is proud of its large alumni network, which includes accomplished graduates working in a range of industries around the world. The university encourages mentoring ties by facilitating interactions between alumni and current students. International students receive a lot from these connections, including knowledge of the labour market, access to professional prospects, and helpful guidance from those who have gone before them.

Support for Entrepreneurship: Student entrepreneurs are aggressively encouraged at Sharda University. Students can get help from the university's Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) with coming up with business ideas, writing business plans, and starting startups. International students with original business ideas are given support and resources to realize their dreams of starting their firms.

Dedicated services for international students: Sharda University is proud of its International Affairs Office, which serves as a one-stop shop for all of the needs of international students. This office helps students with immigration and visa procedures, housing needs, cultural acclimatization, and any other difficulties they might have. International students are made to feel at home during their time at Sharda by the kind and helpful staff, who foster a nurturing environment.

Soft Skills Development: Sharda University provides extensive soft skills development programs in recognition of the importance of soft skills in the contemporary workplace. International students receive instruction in teamwork, communication, leadership, time management, and problem-solving, and these skills help them become more employable and valuable assets to potential companies.


Sharda University has established itself as a preeminent organization committed to advancing the professional lives of overseas students. Sharda University works to empower international students and prepare them for successful careers in their respective fields through its global exposure, comprehensive academic programs, career counselling, internships, skill development workshops, language support, industry-academia collaboration, alumni network, and entrepreneurship support. Sharda University is still a ray of light for students looking to better their professions thanks to its dedication to excellence and inclusion.

The dedication of Sharda University to assisting international students in advancing their careers is demonstrated by the institution's specialized academic programs, committed international student services, industry-focused curriculum, opportunities for internships and job placements, the development of soft skills, support for research and innovation, opportunities for language learning, cultural exchange programs, and strong alumni support. International students at Sharda University continue to have their global careers shaped by the university's inclusive and loving environment, which enables them to leave a lasting impression in their fields of study and beyond.

For more detail about Sharda University, visit www.sharda.ac.in

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