More and more students in Nigeria are choosing to study in India, the USA, Canada, and other countries. Many of them consider studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria because of the quality of education in India. Also, the higher education programs are affordable here. Moreover, diversity and multiple cultures attract African students of Arts and Design to pursue studies in India.

India has a Pan African e-network Project that caters to more than 53 African countries to provide tele-medicine and tele-education services. The country has spent millions to even set up a few campuses of renowned institutes in Africa. India's boosting economy, new universities, and advanced courses have been gaining popularity in the country that make studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria.

Why choose to study in India?

India makes studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria because of the reasons listed below:

Command over English – Indian institutes offer quality education and help students from all walks of life to improve English listening and speaking skills. In most Asian countries, the mode of conversation is the regional language. However, in India, there are many English-medium colleges, institutes, and universities that benefit the students of Nigeria and allow them to communicate and stand their position and opinions in several countries around the globe.

Hub of Information Technology – India is renowned around the world for providing quality education in the information technology sector. Nigerian students who are interested in learning about computers find studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria. Here, they get motivated to learn new languages and technologies.

Cultural Appeal – The Indian film industry is diverse and renowned for fashion. The religious, cultural, and ethnic diversities encourage Nigerian students to choose and study subjects of Arts. It is a major point of attraction making studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria.

Better Career Opportunities – The primary reason why students go for higher studies is to gain a higher hand in securing better jobs. Studying in India opens a plethora of opportunities for Nigerian students to work in countries around the world. You can go into business, fashion, arts, technology, or any other profession.

Students get acquainted with a new culture, language, and lifestyle that allows them to become independent and develop a personality. It opens their mindset and widens the perspective of looking at their surroundings. Studying in India enhances creativity; thus, it makes studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria.

Indian universities and institutions are famous in Africa for offering quality education at a reasonable cost. The cost of living here is also affordable, making studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria. The government of India runs educational programs that offer scholarships to foreign students, including students from Nigeria. You can even work here part-time or secure a freelance job to pay off your education fee or sustain living costs. Business innovation, process innovation, outsourcing innovation, and management innovation are a few fields where Indian educational institutions shine and have gained popularity around the world.

Why choose Sharda University?

Sharda University is among the top institutions in India that make studying abroad better than studying in Nigeria. It has tie-ups with more than 250 foreign universities and brings experienced faculty on board to provide quality education to cater to several students who have opted for different courses. Its good placement record attracts students around the globe to opt for various graduation and post-graduation programs that it has to offer. Study at Sharda University to attain quality education. 

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